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Senior School Life

Read about The Grange experience from our current Head Girl and Head Boy.

It is no secret that many believe the Grange’s most admired attribute is the student-teacher relationship. The staff here go above and beyond both in the classroom and outside and students respond accordingly. We know that the mutual trust and respect that we share with our teachers has helped not only inspire our studies but also develop our interests.

Will Lancaster's Experience

Grange students have on offer a vibrant array of opportunities in the day-to-day life of this school. During my time here, I have taken advantage of these and have participated in a range of clubs from Cricket to Quiz to 3D Design. It is encouraged for Sixth Formers to help run clubs here at The Grange, and last year I helped at Design Club for Year 7 to 11. I really enjoyed being able to give my input and feedback, especially as I was once one of the Year 7s who attended.

Bree Livesey's Experience

I decided at an early age to make the most of absolutely every opportunity on offer… I probably haven’t had a free lunchtime since 2012! However, picking out just a few highlights from beyond the classroom, I would have to choose spending many summer lunchtimes hurling myself into the school’s long jump pit - taking home at least a sock full of sand each day; having so much fun performing on The Grange Theatre stage - including most recently in our production of Phantom of the Opera; rowing in my first ever race on the Olympic course at Eton Dorney, and finally, travelling to The Gambia as part of our school’s charitable support of the Darul Arkam School to help concrete the floor of their new classroom block.

Transforming us as people

Each opportunity that we have embraced during our time here has played a role in broadening our experiences to make us the people we are today.

Staff at The Grange work tirelessly to allow us to develop. From Year 7, Grange students are subjected to the apparent ‘horrors’ of subjects such as Latin and Logic. Yet, a couple of lessons in and phrases such as “I didn’t know Latin could be that fun” start to appear. When moving up to GCSE’s, students can feel the pressure but it is at this point that they begin to appreciate the outstanding commitment their teachers are willing to put in, in order to assist us all to achieve our potential.

Grange students then mature into Sixth Formers. Whilst it doesn’t seem five minutes since we joined the school, we feel ready to live away from home – although we might make use of the six week ‘survivor’s cookery course’ the Food and Nutrition Department is running for us! Ultimately, inspired by the staff here at the Grange, we are genuinely excited about the prospect of continuing to study the subjects we love at university.