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Ethos and Culture

We offer an exceptional, fully integrated co-educational experience from age 4 onwards.

We provide a modern, forward-looking approach based on traditional values. Our warm and welcoming environment is built on the unrivalled strength of relationships between our children and the staff, to create a school where children are motivated to learn, developing both academically and as fully-rounded, likeable and caring individuals.

There is a calm ambience in the school and a mentality conducive to learning, from which great outcomes flow naturally whether in or outside of the classroom. Our children make exceptional progress and develop a strong sense of self from a very early age.

We do not trade on our heritage nor confine our children in an academic hothouse. We believe that the product of an independent education should be young people who are ambitious and resilient, yet at the same time respectful, caring towards others and eager to give back to society.

This is the ethos that we live and learn by.